Bath Bomb Shots

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These adorable bath treats are 2 in 1, to make bath time extra fun! The 2oz shot cup is filled with my foaming bath bomb recipe , made with dehydrated goat's milk. The bubble frosting can be popped off and dissolved under hot, running water to add extra bubbles to your bath. These are scented in kid friendly, phalate free fragrances, including Monkey Farts, Sugared Strawberry, Green Apple, Berry, and Orange Soda, and more. Scents and colors will be randomly chosen, but you do get to pick your charms or mini soap toppers. 

These fun bath treats will not stain your bath tub or your child, but they will color your water.

Please note that resin charms, while adorable and fun to collect, they are a choking hazard and not recommended for kids under 3.

Bath bomb ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, dehydrated goat's milk, alcohol, fragrance, FD&D lakes 

Frosting ingredients: baking soda, coco betaine, kaolin clay, eco glitter, sprinkles